Honey-kissed goodbye

Summer is ending, which means a new school year is looming. New people, new classes, maybe even a new you.

However, before you dive into the many social media tutorials on how you should revamp your image for a new school year, using new products, make sure you know about the company before ordering. 

In March 2018 Honkey Kissed Cosmetics's Twitter account was hacked. The hacker “exposed” the founder of the company, Nikuale Williams as an alleged fraud

Williams never responded to the interview requests, but one victim of the alleged fraudulence, Abi, felt it was important to share her side of the story.

Abi had been looking for a black-owned business when she came across HK cosmetics on Tumblr in 2016 and soon after she placed her first order. 

“My first order was placed August 9th and delivered the 30th, I thought that was a good turnover time and that I could trust this company,” she said. 

So, she decided to order again, in November 2017. However, Abi didn’t realize then that her choice in lip-gloss would lead to a year of waiting and writing emails that only lead to more confusion and no delivery. 

“I usually order from places with good reviews, and HK Cosmetics had very positive reviews,” she said. 

After waiting the recommended 12-24 business days processing time, and then some (by this time it is February), Abi decided to contact customer service, as her package was still showing to be in pre-shipment.  

“The only reply [Williams] gave is that pre-shipment can last up to 7 business days, which let me know [she] didn't care because the date of the tracking info [she] sent me was from well over a month before,” Abi said. 

After waiting the 7-days Abi still hadn’t received her package and decided to let it go, as she had “only purchased a lip gloss on sale, so I just didn't care to engage anymore.”

In September 2018, Abi was sent an email informing her that her package had shipped to Maryland instead of Connecticut. Though she was skeptical, she still felt hopeful. 

“I had received my first order on time and intact, so I had no reason to believe that my order would remain in pre-shipment until September and then sent to Maryland instead of Connecticut,” she said. 

That was the last she heard of her package. 

When the hacking incident happened in March, Abi found other customers on Twitter had similar experiences with the brand, and hearing of other people’s bad experiences left her in awe. 

“I was truly shocked. It seemed very excessive and pointed to bad business practices,” she said. “I Feel as though [Williams] fell behind but wasn't good at correcting her mistake and just kept taking on orders.”

Abi says she has given up trying to get her package as it’s coming up to a year since she ordered it and it appears as though Williams closed shop following the incident. 

Though this experience wasn’t great, Abi says it won’t stop her from ordering online. 

“But now I’m more scared,” she said.