Let's talk about breasts


Women’s breasts are always in the media, for everything other than how to keep them healthy, except for this month when we remember how important it is to check up on our mammaries.

Breast cancer survival rates are higher with early detection. However, you can't detect something is wrong if you don’t know your breasts when they're right. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, one in eight Canadian women is diagnosed with breast cancer, and though not all forms of cancer can be easily detected in a self-exam and proper screenings are still necessary, it is still highly recommended as a general test.

In our society, there is a stigma placed on women’s breast, but when it comes to your health you have to put aside everything society has tried to make breast about, and remember they are a part of your body that also need to stay healthy. To remain healthy, you need to check them regularly (recommended monthly) so that you will be quick to notice any abnormalities before it is too late.

Though the chances of having breast cancer becomes higher in women over 40, developing the routine of checking them monthly before then will make it easier to keep up as you age.

If you can’t think of how to make breast checks more routine in your life, here are five moments in life you can check your breasts without feeling self-conscious.

1. In the shower

The shower is the most common place to check your breasts as you’re already engaging with them at some point in your shower, might as well take that opportunity to check them in there.

2. While you’re moisturizing

You’re already massaging lotion onto your body; you might as well take some time to massage your breast and do a breast check. If you find yourself in front of a mirror too, that helps to see what your breast look like with no abnormalities. Knowing what your breasts look like is also important as breast cancer can cause puckering of the nipple and visible lumps.

3. When you’re cold, and you use your breasts for heat

You know that thing all women do when they’re cold, well might as well take that time to do a self-exam. You’re already there, might as well check up on your health too.

4. When you’re changing

Again, you probably do this in front of a mirror, so it’s a chance to check your breast out.

5. Anytime you remember you have breasts

Sometimes you forget you have breasts, but then you remember you have these appendages, there’s your chance to check them.

No matter what you have to do to make breast self-exams a part of your health routine, make sure you’re doing it at least once a month because early detection saves lives.

Keep in mind, self-exams are not reliable screening methods, so if you need to begin screening regularly, that should be a priority.

Get to know your breasts again.