Qween of the Week: Dominic Justina

Image provided by Dominic Justina

Image provided by Dominic Justina

"What has your Life on HiFi?" is the question Dominic Justina asks all her guests on her recently launched podcast Life on Hifi. All a part of her journey to self-mastery as a millennial in the technological age, Dominic created the podcast as a platform for millennials to talk about life, self-love and self-actualization. The Jamaican-born Queen draws from personal experiences as a young twenty-something navigating the world, as she interviews artists, authors, life coaches and creatives. Here is how the recent university graduate discovered her purpose as a podcaster.

Why a podcast?

I have always been Queen of voice notes on WhatsApp. Anyone in my close circle would know that when I get passionate about something, I would rather send a voice note than text. However, that didn’t translate into “let me start a podcast” until my last year in my Health Studies program in university, when I noticed a theme. After giving presentations, people would approach me to comment on the impact of my voice. I thought “sweet,” because when I was younger, I was crippled by insecurity and self-doubt, so much so, that I would not have blamed any stranger if they believed I was mute.

Then my professor for a creative health class I was taking approached me after reviewing my assignments for the year with the calmest yet the most convincing message that I should really consider starting a podcast,. Now usually a comment like this, I would probably fantasize about it for a day move on. However, the way she said it made me feel like, “damn, now I have to consider this seriously.”

So, why a podcast about life purpose and living our best lives?

My entire life I have struggled with understanding my value. Externally, my life was great, my parents have sacrificed a lot to afford me a wonderful life, and for that I am grateful. Everything shifted when I was 15-years-old, and my brother was unexpectedly killed. This was the most painful and unexpected thing I had ever gone through; it was a serious wake-up call. I never imagined something like this could ever happen to me; I was young, and my neighbourhood was safe, and my life was wonderful. This loss uprooted all the baseless attachment to fear I was harbouring. It taught me a thing or two about the fragility of life and why we should never take it for granted, and I feel like it’s my responsibility to pass this insight on to others.

How do you stay motivated in life despite the loss you've had?

“There is no cage big enough to hold you” This is my mantra.

I don’t remember the exact moment it came to me, but I remember the first time these words echoed in my head, I felt an instant comfort that I could do anything I put my mind to. Today I say it as a reminder to acknowledge my power. So if I ever face imposter syndrome while doing something big, like “who do you think you are?” My response is “there is no cage big enough to hold you.”

Why did you name the podcast Life on Hifi?

I wanted something that spoke to our digital age but true to the message of my podcast. After being knee-deep in audio research, I stumbled upon the term “Hifi,” short for High Fidelity. This term was popularly used back in the day to describe audio which sounded as close to the original as possible- in other words, high-quality sound! I combined that with Life, to get “Life on Hifi” which translates to high-quality life.

Who inspires you the most?

My Mother and Oprah. They have shown me that being an empath, is a superpower. They represent how a woman can create abundance by understanding who she is and connecting with her divine purpose. I am mostly inspired by the way they have gone through difficult journeys and have never allowed themselves to be hardened by life or isolated from God.

What message do you hope the world is getting from your work?

The message of healing and self-empowerment.

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