Qween of the Week: Thurayya Gûy


Only 20-years-old and this young Qween is already dreaming of global domination. Thurayya Gûy, the founder of Caribbean Blazian Mink Lashes, turned the one thing that gave her confidence in her insecure days into a business. Now with her lashes shipped across Canada, Gûy has set her eyes on her international market. Here is her Qween of the Week conversations with Qweens.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty to me has no association with your physical appearance. Unfortunately, society only classifies beauty through one’s looks, but I believe it’s how one carries themselves and how you feel about yourself inside and out.

When your journey with makeup and beauty start?

I started my makeup journey in grade 8. I would steal mascara and eyeliner from my mom or sister and go to school like that. Hot mess or not, I didn’t care. 

How did that inspire you to start your business?

I love makeup; I love beauty. I knew what I could offer so for me it was a kind of a no-brainer. Even though I went to school for fashion designing, I feel beauty still ties into that.

Why lashes, why not other beauty products?

I grew up having poor self-esteem, due to bullying I endured, but whenever I would wear eyelashes, even if they were from the dollar store, and would fall apart after each wear, I felt so magical; I felt special. I slowly started to become known for wearing eyelashes after I started making my own by hand. I knew that having my own eyelash brand was something I had to do.

I wanted to provide the best quality I could, with the most amount of wears possible at a cheap cost. I wanted people of all genders, races, shapes, confident or not, to feel just as beautiful as I feel as soon as I wear my lashes. That feeling is so amazing, and I must share that with the world.

What inspired the name Caribbean Blazian?

Caribbean Blazian came from a few different inspirations. My father is from Guyana while my mother is from Jamaica. I come from a very diverse Caribbean background hence the “Caribbean” part. “Blazian” is a play on a spoken word for Black and Asian (Blasian). My mother has some Asian ancestry, and because of my facial features, growing up people would refer to me as Blasian. Now, I added my flavour, removed the “s” and added a “z,” and you get Blazian.

Why do you feel it is important to have diversity and representation, especially of dark skin people of colour, in the beauty industry?

Diversity is beyond important, there are so many different races, colours, ethnicities in this world, it is crucial that we all see a mirror image of ourselves, or that could cause a potential ripple effect on our kids, and their kid’s kids. Representation is crucial, especially for our stunning dark skin brothers and sisters. In the beauty industry, in society doesn’t show them enough love, better yet I feel we don’t show them enough love. We don’t tell them how important or how beautiful their melanin is. I understand that whatever change you want to see it starts from within, Caribbean Blazian Mink Lashes is and will always be diverse. Black is beautiful, and the beauty industry needs to see that, and we’ll help make that possible.

What is one thing you tell yourself to stay motivated?

I always tell myself that the show must go on. I am human I get in my feelings, I get sad, depressed, you name it, but when I tell myself that the show must go on, it’s a reminder to pick myself up and finish what I started, with a positive outlook and a smile.

Who inspires you the most?

Thurayya Gûy inspires me; I inspire me. I’ve fought through so many barriers, different versions of hate, I had people try to rob me of my happiness, But, I always find a way to rise above my circumstances, as we all should. I never give myself enough credit; now I am because I deserve that much.

What message do you hope the world is getting from your work?

I am a big believer in quality over quantity, I understand money can be a significant component in business, which is beyond true, but never compromise quality even if you have to pay extra. Happy customers will provide amazing reviews and will keep coming back, which I feel is more important than potential profit lost. Whatever you produce is a reflection of you! I don’t mind losing money as long as I’ve made my customers happy with the best quality products. Always bring your a- game, I hope that is what the world is taking from Caribbean Blazian Mink Lashes and me.  

Snazzy packaging for the Simple Mink Lashes on  caribbeanblazian.com

Snazzy packaging for the Simple Mink Lashes on caribbeanblazian.com

What’s next for you?

Continuing Caribbean Blazian’s international journey is next. We just sold a bunch of lashes to Guyana, which is very exciting. For Caribbean Blazian there are no limits, space couldn’t even restrict us. I will continue to work on expanding my mink eyelash empire, through different, endless styles and my crazy fun packaging. I also want to put warehouses, shops and pop-up shops in various countries to hopefully provide some employment. Nothing can restrict Caribbean Blazian Mink Lashes, you will see us everywhere. Just be prepared!

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