Qween of the Week: Nadia Ibrahim

Image provided by Nadia Ibrahim

Image provided by Nadia Ibrahim

Juggling life as an adult is hard enough, but when you’re building a fashion empire, and you’re a mother, wife and student, you must find ways to stay motivated and love what you do. Nadia Ibrahim discovered her love for fashion and turned it into a business. Founded in 2012 in Toronto, Canada, “The Wifey Collection” caters to married women looking for modest fashion. Here’s how it all started.

What inspired you to start your business?

What inspired me to start my business was wanting financial freedom and provide a better future for my daughter. I also want to be a philanthropist, and having my own business will assist me in doing that.

What was the inspiration behind the name “The Wifey Collection?”

The inspiration behind the name is the status that a wife has. The title of “wife” carries respect and honour, happy wife, happy life.

So, the name and brand cater to married women?

Yes, I chose (the name) “The Wifey Collection” because initially, I was going to start with lingerie and bridal, targeting married women. But, I decided to start with modest fashion designs first, then I will introduce bridal, lingerie, and so on. It will all be a part of “The Wifey Collection.”

How do you stay motivated as a wife, mother, entrepreneur and a student?

One thing I tell myself to stay motivated is to remember why I started this in the first place. My daughter is my biggest motivation. She will always be a motivation for me to continue and never give up.

Who inspires you the most?

Different people have inspired me. I can’t pick one specific person, but the people who have inspired me the most are the ones who have been through so many adversities and still manage to work hard every day to achieve and make their dreams come true. People throughout history who had done and achieved what they believe in, even when doubted. People who have stood up and fought for what is right in society/world. People like Yaa Asantewaa, her strength and bravery, and my siblings who always support and encourage me.

Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?

Coco Chanel. She faced so many adversities, became one of the most successful, famous luxury brands.

What does fashion mean to you?

It is an expression, another way to communicate. Fashion is a way for me to express myself. I see fashion as a language, as a way to express yourself and communicate your thoughts, feelings and perspectives through fashion. To me, fashion is another form of art.

What message do you hope the world is getting from your work?

That you can do and be whatever you want, just believe and work for it.

What’s next for you?

I took some Ls this year, so what’s next for me, God willing is to build my modest fashion empire.

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