Qween of the Week: Lillian Ogbogoh

A lot can happen when you decide to be the change you wish to see, Lillian Ogbogoh can attest to this. After years of wanting to see more representation of minorities in media, Ogbogoh decided she would pave the way, with her podcast show Shine Out Loud. A Podcast by us for us, Shine Out Loud specializes in celebrating the accomplishments of black visionaries, and here is how it all started.

When and where did you start your podcast?

This podcast started in November of 2016 after a night out with friends. After the night out with friends, I realized that I missed podcasting and connecting with people who were accomplishing great things.

What sparked this realization?

We were talking about how the media represents Black women, Black men and other minorities. I’d grown rather tired of saying the media should and create a platform to represent and celebrate us. By us, I mean the accomplishments, large and small, by our community rather than sensational news stories about crimes. So, I started planning the concept for this show and how I wanted it to be. On the 25th of January 2017, the show went live.

What inspired you to start podcasting?

I first started podcasting in 2010 with a show called Waking Passions which had a 3-year run. It was an accidental podcast. I only intended to use it as a tool to work through my fear of public speaking and planned to just interview my friends to get comfortable public speaking. Then I got an email from a PR agent for an author in the US who wanted me to interview him. That is where it started.

What is the one thing you tell yourself to stay motivated?

What if we did this today?

What is the inspiration behind the show’s name?

When I sat down to create the show, I got playing around with the concept of the podcast and I kept talking about using the show to shine the light on incredible people. When I was asked by a friend what did I want to call the show, I said: “Shine Out Loud show.”

Who inspires you the most?

Without sounding too cliché, my last sister. For her passion, her determination and her ability to have total faith in her abilities. I am also inspired by women who have come before for us like Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou. That said, the woman whose journey fires me up the most is Cathy Hughes, the founder of Radio One (now Urban One).

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