Qween of the Week: Angela K

Image provided by Angela K

Image provided by Angela K

Representation matters and if you don't see yourself represented what would you do? Well, like many other Qweens before her, Angela K decided to create a space to showcase the talents of Ivorians in the fashion industry, and so she created Ivorian Fashion Bloggers.

What is the inspiration behind the name?

I chose to have a simple name, Ivorian Fashion Bloggers (IFB), for the page, since the only thing that distinguishes my page from others is the content.

When did you start IFB?

I started featuring creatives on IFB on the 16th of December 2016 on Instagram.


Why did you create IFB?

I got inspired to create IFB by other similar pages on Instagram which promote fashion bloggers and fashion enthusiasts from Canada (Montreal especially), Nigeria and Congo. I wanted to show that people from Ivory Coast are killing it in the fashion industry as models, stylists, bloggers, and enthusiasts. I wanted Ivorians to be recognized on a platform dedicated just to them.

What is one thing you tell yourself to stay motivated?

As a fashion enthusiast myself, I always want to discover the fashion world in an Ivorian perspective. I want to bring forward the talents and creatives from my country.

Who inspires you the most?

I am inspired by other African entrepreneurs and bloggers.

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