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There’s something about Fall (or Autumn) that makes everything feel like a rush. Maybe it’s the fact that holiday season is fast approaching, meaning it’s the end of the year. Unfortunately, that means some summer beauty routines are compromised; personally, it’s my nails.

I fancy myself a nail fanatic, I have been for as long as I can remember. I often don’t feel my look is complete until my nails look bomb. But sometimes we don’t have 3 hours to sit in a chair to get our nails done, so what can the next best thing be?

Press-on nails.

Yes, that’s right, press-on nails are making a comeback.

Though press-on nails used to get a bad rep for being “ghetto” *eye roll*, they are actually useful for the busy gal or gal on a budget who still wants fleeky nails.

If you’re still unsure of whether you want to join the press-on nails bandwagon, Qween of which is Jackie Aina in my honest opinion, here are 5 reasons why press-ons could be the Fall motive.

1. They’re beginner proof.

Each Kiss kit comes with their own instructions and tools to make it easy to apply your press-on nails virtually error free. You can choose between using the adhesive tabs or the glue (depending on how long you want to keep your nails on for). The kit I used comes with 28 nails, all numbered to match the numbers on the adhesive tabs. All you have to do is sort through the nails find the ones that fit your nails and stick them on. You might need to file them down to fit perfectly, but it’s better than having to sculpt and design the nails from scratch.

2. They’re inexpensive.

These nails cost a little under $10 (Canadian) compared to $100 I used to spend on my nails at the salon. $10 couldn’t even cover one hand of unique designs professionally, so you’re getting a bang for your buck.

3. They can last long (provided you’re not doing crazy things with your hands).

As long as you’re not in construction or anything involving heavy manual labour, these nails should last you at least 3 weeks. Personally, I prefer using the glue for a stronger-hold and longer-wear, but the adhesive tabs make taking the nails off easy and pain-free, but if they don’t last as long, it won’t hurt as much since they’re only $10, as opposed to $100.

4. Everyone will think you’re a pro.

The nail art and designs can get pretty complicated, and not everyone is artistically gifted. But with press-on nails, you can choose from an array of designs and nail styles to look like a million bucks, without breaking the bank. If you would like more intricate designs than what your drugstore offers, there are so many Social Media press-on nail boutiques you can choose from (i.e. The Nailest, Osun Nails) they may cost more than the drugstores, but they look amazing.

5. They aren’t as damaging to your nails as acrylics or hard gels.

Wearing acrylics and hard gel nails can break down the enamel of your nail over time, leaving the nail bed weak and sometimes painful. With press-on nails, the glue and adhesive break down naturally over time making them easier to take off and resulting in less damage to nail bed. So if you’re trying to transition from fake nails to your natural nails, but don’t want to compromise the beauty, press-on nails can serve as your nail's protective style.

I have had these nails on since Monday; I have cleaned, done dishes, lifted weights and these babies have not budged. They also look clean and neat and only took me 30 minutes to apply them.

I will have to try them with the adhesive tab next to compare with the glue method.

If you know of more press-on nail artists who are people of colour, link them in the comments below!